So what is a francophone country?

A francophone country is not just a country where French is the official language, although there are 32 of these.


A francophone country can be a country where French is widely spoken, even though it is not the official language, and in fact there are a further 27 of these.


To be a member of the International Organisation of Francophonie, a country simply has to have an affiliation with French language or culture. Many of the countries who have joined the OIF despite the fact that they do not have a large number of French speakers use French regularly for business or international relations.


In total there are 75 countries which form the International Organisation of Francophonie.


Although the exact number of countries in the world is disputed, there are between 192-195 countries in the world. If you can speak French you can converse with people in nearly half of the countries in the world!